Thousands of nursing homes across the nation are placing our
loved one's lives at risk everyday...

Ex-Director of Nursing and Current Legal Guardian of Two Nursing Home Residents reveals the insider secrets that could potentially save
your loved one's life!

FINALLY, a step-by-step guide to choosing the best nursing home so you don't regret your decision later.

Includes over 50 Secrets, Tips, Resources and Facts. Some of which will surprise you. All will help guide you to making the most educated decision for your loved one.

Unfortunately, what you don't know could COST your loved one their life.

Over a decade of long term care experience is passed to you. This guide
will help you make more informed care decisions. Guaranteed.

"Every Year an estimated 2.1 Million older Americans are victims of physical, psychological, or other forms of abuse and neglect. For every case of elder abuse and neglect reported to authorities, experts estimate that there may be as many as 5 cases not reported. Research suggests that elders who have been abused tend to die earlier than those who are not abused, even in the absence of chronic conditions or life threatening disease"
Elder Abuse and Neglect: In Search of Solutions
American Psychological Association

From: Aileen Avenido, R.N.
Thursday, 4:52 p.m.

Dear Concerned Family Member,

Please take a moment of your time and read this letter carefully.

If you are currently searching for a nursing home OR currently have a loved one in a long term care facility, then this may be the most important letter you will ever read!

And may even help you save your loved one’s life!

I remember the first time I stepped into a nursing home. It was nothing like I had pictured. Yes…there were some residents that were in bed and not very mobile. However, I was surprised by how many residents were still very active both physically and mentally. It was an amazing sight to see and a big eye opener for me. I guess I always had the ignorant thought in my head that nursing homes (also known as Long Term Care Facilities) were a place where “old” people simply go to die.

I quickly found that many of these nursing home residents were eager to share vivid stories about their lives. It became very important for me to learn more about them. I truly believe these experiences helped me to become a better nurse and caregiver…as well as a better person in general.

As I was attending school to become a Registered Nurse, I volunteered in a nursing home and started working as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). As a CNA, I did a lot of the hands on care of getting residents dressed, taking them to the bathroom, and giving showers. That type of work was physically demanding but the interaction with the residents was very rewarding.

Experiencing first hand the hard work of a CNA, gave me a true understanding of the physical, mental, and emotional demands required to provide nursing care to the elderly.

Throughout my nursing career, I’ve worked almost every position possible in the nursing home including:


Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Charge Nurse

Nursing Supervisor

Nurse Manager

Assistant Director of Nursing (ADON)

Director of Nursing (DON)

I finally reached a point in my nursing career
(nearly a decade later)
when I asked myself, “What could I do, outside of being a nurse, where I could gain a better understanding of the needs of nursing home residents and their families?”

I figured I had done just about everything I possibly could do up until that point as a caregiver.

But despite my years of experience working with the elderly and their families, something was missing. Everything I knew was coming from the perspective of being “the nurse”.

I knew how to professionally take care of them but I didn’t personally know how it felt to be the family member on the “other side”.

I had never had a close family member live in a nursing home. I couldn’t possibly understand the viewpoint of a concerned family member because I had never “walked in their shoes”.

So, I looked into becoming a Legal Guardian for nursing home residents that didn’t have anyone speaking up for them. This opportunity (something I am passionate about still to this day) really opened my eyes to see things from the “family members” side. I was no longer a nurse…I was now the concerned family member.

As their Legal Guardian, I am responsible for the exact same things that I had many times before (as a nurse) addressed with previous family members.

Now as a family member, I am personally dealing with issues like:

* Making sure staff is taking good care of my loved one
* Addressing any concerns with the nursing home staff
* And unfortunately, the toughest of all - End of Life Decisions

I now know what it's like to be that family member. It's so much easier to empathize with the roller coaster of emotions like fear, frustration and pain that many of us experience from having a loved one in a long term care facility.

I have learned so much from being a veteran long term care nurse,
as well as a Legal Guardian for nursing home residents.

I now wanted to take my dedication for nursing home residents to
another level.

And that’s where this guide comes in.

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"In her insightful and enlightening book, "Nursing Home Secrets Revealed", Aileen Avenido, RN, has done everyone who may need long-term care a tremendous service. We certainly wish we would have had this fact-filled resource when we were making life changing decisions on our parents' behalf. Aileen's savvy and practical advice eliminates the gut wrenching fear and anxiety each family member feels when confronted with such decisions. Her checklists alone are worth many times the cost of the book and will save thousands of dollars for anyone making a long-term care decision. As practioners and consultants with a combined total of 35 years in the healthcare field, we strongly and without reservation endorse Aileen Avenido and the wonderful resource she has compiled for those folks and their family members who are considering entering a nursing home or assisted/independent living facility."

- Michael Strakal PT, MBA, CAE
- Dr. Dan Strakal

I realize that nursing homes are a necessity for many families in our society today and no matter what the opponents of nursing home care say…
They are here to stay.

I also know that there are a lot of good nursing homes where proper care of the residents is the number one priority.

However, I've also found that there are nursing homes out there with different priorities. Quality care often takes a back seat to the financial BOTTOM LINE.

It is much more difficult than one might think to distinguish between the good and bad. The complex world of nursing homes is something that took me a while to figure out.

I can understand why so many people make wrong choices.

Early in my nursing career, I truly thought as their caregiver, I would be able to sit at my patient’s bedside and spend time with them to provide the physical and emotional support they needed or to help them live normal active lives. However, I quickly found out that being a nurse consisted of a whole lot more. There was much more to it than delivering medications and talking to doctors. As I worked my way up into executive roles, I began to see things in another light.

The reality is that there are undisclosed issues like insufficient staffing, poor care, abuse and theft that occur in nursing homes across the country every single day, even in those that the Department of Health has cleared as being SAFE environments for your loved one.

Unfortunately, if YOU don’t have the insider knowledge about what truly goes on in nursing homes, then your loved one is truly at risk.

Having worked as a Registered Nurse for many years in the nursing home industry, I have been able to see things from the inside that most residents and families just don’t see. Now when things come up with MY loved ones that I have to address as their Legal Guardian, I am able to make educated and informed decisions due to my professional experience. I realize not every family member is fortunate enough to have this same inside perspective.

That’s EXACTLY why I’ve written this book. I want to educate family members on all the ins and outs of nursing homes so that they are able to weed out the good from the bad and to be able to take a proactive approach with the care of their loved one in any nursing home environment.

And…the best way for you to protect your loved one is to be INFORMED! After reading my guide, you will know what to look for in a quality nursing home, as well as know what questions to ask staff and what things you can do to stay involved in their lives.

Here is a sample of what I share in the 159 pages of this book:

How your feelings of guilt, resentment, embarrassment, and denial can cloud your judgment and be used against you during the nursing home selection process. (Page 17)

The varied reactions you can expect from your loved one…and how to respond with empathy and understanding. (Page 22)

How to know when a nursing home is actually the best choice for the long term care of your loved one…4 Questions to Guide You. (More on Page 31)

The REAL Truth about the Terrible Things We've All Heard About Nursing Homes (Shocking Details on Page 25)

Tips on working with other family members during the decision process...how to position yourself to make sure decisions are based on your loved one's best interest. (Page 28)

Understanding the basic levels of care offered in nursing homes, what to ask so you know what your loved one needs, and what cost changes to expect. (Learn more on Page 36)

The first four questions you must ask every facility you contact. (Important details on Page 47)

All the details you should pay attention to when visiting a nursing home. A valuable checklist is provided in the book's appendix.

The questions the nursing homes don't want you to ask…but must answer. The answers you get could make your choice an easy one.
(secrets on Page 58)

Why you should never listen to the Marketing person at a nursing home facility. (Page 74)

Learn what to say and how to say it so you get your way. Learning to speak like an informed nurse is guaranteed to help you gain respect from the employees.

What facility records you should always demand…Don't take NO for an answer!

A quick and easy guide to the duties of each staff member at the nursing home. You will learn what everyone does or should be doing and the certifications they should have. (Details on Page 70)

The shocking facts about paying for your loved one's bed and how to prepare yourself. (Suprising facts on Page 80 and 88)

A valuable checklist of all the important documents you should safeguard so your loved one is protected. (Important list on page 151)

Everything you need to know about preparing for the moving day. (Page 95)

Understanding the adjustment period and what you can do to help it go as smoothly as possible. (Details on Page 103)

Learn the best way to get the proper care for your loved one. These tips are hardly ever used. (easy to follow tips on Page 106)

You will learn the details of a typical day in a nursing home so you will know what should be getting done and when to drop in unexpectedly.
(Learn more on Page 113)

Learn the red flag signs that your loved one is not receiving proper care and what you should do to make sure the situation does not worsen. (Critical details on Page 122)

Exactly what you should do when you feel that your loved one is continually not receiving the proper care. (step by step process on page 136)

Over 50 Secrets, Tips, Resources and Facts. Some of which will surprise you. All of which will help guide you to making the most educated care decisions for your loved one.

  *Page numbers may vary slightly depending on the current version of the book

Are you:

An Adult Child coping with the added stress of taking care of a sick aging mother or father?

A Wife or Husband struggling to serve as the primary caregiver for your spouse despite the fact that you have health problems yourself?

A Grandchild that is concerned for a grandparent too sick to be living on his or her own?

A Friend that cares about the well being and safety of someone very close to You?

No matter what your situation is – your main goal is to make
sure your loved one is getting the best care possible!

That's where I believe this book will be helpful to you.

If any of these three things are important to YOU
then you truly need this insider's guide:

You've finally accepted the fact that your loved one needs a
nursing home but have no idea where to start.
You don't have the time, money or energy to waste by moving your loved one from nursing home to nursing home in order to find the best care because you have enough other responsibilities already on your plate.

You want to feel confident about making the right decision that is best for your loved one.

I don't believe that you'll be able to find another nursing home guide book that gives you everything you need to know from a nurse's AND a concerned family member's perspective to help you find the best long term care solution for your situation or to help you protect your loved one if he or she is currently in a nursing home.

I'm so sure that this book will benefit you and your family that I'm making the following GUARANTEE:

30 Day 100% Money-Back
No Risk Guarantee!

Order the ebook today. Take a full 30 days, and use it as your own. If you don't find at least one valuable tip that will benefit you and your family...simply send me an email directly with your refund request reason…and I'll rush you a complete refund.

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"This is the most comprehensive book on nursing homes I have ever read.  As a physician who has visited many facilities (nursing, assisted living, and independent living) I found the information to be thorough and accurate.  Aileen correctly identifies the important issues one faces when considering a long term care facility for their family member or themselves. This book is an asset for this type of search."
Dr. Bryan F. Walther
Loveland, Ohio

"I found the eBook very comprehensive and I especially liked the checklists included. As an OT [Occupational Therapist], I have worked in many Nursing Homes and have seen the good, the bad and the ugly! Nothing prepared me for the challenge of looking for a Nursing Home for my own dad. If I had had the checklists, this would have made life an awful lot easier on me and less stressful on my father. The Nursing Home we picked turned out to be one of the worst homes in the area. I think this eBook is relevant for not only family members, but also anyone with a vested interest in placing aged people in proper care."

--Fiona Dietzel, OT

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Realistically, your options are this:

1. You can leave this website right now, go and scrounge for as much free info as you can, and mostly be none the wiser about what truly goes on behind the scenes and “behind your back” in most elder care facilities.


2. You can take the short cut to all the information you need and purchase this insider’s guide book right now.

I truly believe that this book will put you in a position to protect your loved one and to allow them to live a much more fulfilled life during their time in long term care.

Order your copy of Nursing Home Secrets Revealed Right Now


Aileen Avenido

Aileen Avenido, R.N.

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